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I have always loved decorating, entertaining, and being creative. I enjoy table décor, staging, event setups, food displays (and eating of course), and more. I am one who loves looking at model homes, new houses, home improvement shows, and will rearrange areas in my house just for fun. So why the name, “Tables & Tangerines” for a magazine, you ask? Well, this is my way of bringing together my love of decorating, entertaining, writing, editing, and designing with encouraging people to live an abundant and quality life! Tangerines are orange (my favorite color) and represent my fondness of tasty food. 

Throughout this grand digital magazine, you will find tips, articles, information, and ads all about life and the aspects of decorating and design that affect our standard of living. According to research, there is a psychology behind decorating that goes beyond color and furniture choices. The choices that we make to decide how our homes will look affect our emotions and beliefs. Our homes, therefore, reflect our values, our standards, our habits, our families, our comfort, and how we view life.


As Editor-in-Chief of Tables & Tangerines magazine, I look forward to sharing my joy, and love of life.

Latricia C. Bailey, CEO

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